'I really appreciate the support Rebecca gave me during our sessions. I really valued having someone truly listen to me, providing compassion and challenging my way of thinking that I hadn’t realised was affecting all aspects of my life. Rebecca made me feel it was safe to say out-loud what I had been thinking for a long time and helped me move forwards with my goals.’

Client A

‘Thank you Rebecca for being there and helping me find light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I didn’t think I ‘needed’ therapy but now realise the benefit of seeing the same person every week and building a trusting and safe relationship. I now feel able to make changes in my relationships and feel more in control of my own life than ever before.’

Client B

‘I thought Dr Ackroyd was very approachable and she helped me to communicate some of my deepest concerns, and provided me avenues through which to tackle these concerns. I felt a great sense of relief to be able to start expressing myself and that I had someone on my side.’

Client C